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Race Crazy w/Charles Love

Race Crazy w/Charles Love

Charles Love, author of Race Crazy, joined me to discuss the cultural shift around race, how race is used for ominous purposes, BLM, the Movement for Black Lives, and the 1619 Project. Charles Love Race Crazy Discord Libertarian Institute 19 Skills Pdf Autonomy Course...

The Anti-Capitalist Ideology of Slavery

The Anti-Capitalist Ideology of Slavery

https://youtu.be/F6bdrqNX8Qs ... the draft — that obnoxious system of slavery and forced murder. There is nothing anyone even remotely calling himself a libertarian can say about the draft except that it is slavery and that it must be combatted. Murray N. Rothbard...

The 1619 Project and Discussing Racism

Ah yes, the infamous 1619 Project. I have read a good chunk of it (even past the first two essays) and have some thoughts on it and the reactions to it and the topic of discussing racism in America. Spolier alert - there are some good pieces in there you just have to...



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