Eric July Hits a Homerun with ISOM #1

Eric July Hits a Homerun with ISOM #1

I have never been a fan of comic books, but I have followed Eric July since I first heard him on The Tom Woods Show circa 2018. Aside from Batman and Spider-Man, I have never really liked superheroes. With rare exception, the last fifteen years of AAA superhero films...

Now You Care About the Spilling of Blood?

Now You Care About the Spilling of Blood?

Actress Megan Fox recently claimed on social media that she and other Hollywood elites enjoy drinking each others blood, exciting those critical of Hollywood culture. In their minds it proves the evil, secret Pagan nature of the liberal American establishment. It's as...

Stan Lee versus the censors

Stan Lee versus the censors

Stan “The Man” Lee passed away on November 12 of last year at the age of 94. Lee was for years the main writer of Marvel comics, and he created, or helped create, many of the most iconic characters in comics, including Spiderman, the Hulk, Iron Man, X-Men, Thor, and...

Wonder Woman: How to Save the World

Spoiler alert: You will learn what the creators of the movie Wonder Woman suggest as the way to save the world. You will also be surprised by certain lines and messages in the movie that most people just aren’t talking about. In director Patty Jenkins’ new DC Comics...

The Antiwar Comic: The Tyranny of Dust

Hey all!  It's great to be back on another Scott Horton website!  For those of you that don't know us, I'm Tony DiGerolamo and I write the Antiwar Comic.  It runs weekly at the Webcomic Factory which a bunch of other comics we do.  This week's installment is about...



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