Edward Snowden

Axios Scoop: Trump Pardons Expected Today

From Axios President Trump plans to issue a wave of pardons today, moving to expedite acts of clemency before Christmas, according to a source with direct knowledge and advocates who have been briefed on the plans. What to watch: Trump has been considering pardons for...

Who Will Trump Pardon?

Who Will Trump Pardon?

On COI #48, Kyle discusses what major pardons Trump could handout before leaving office. While it is unlikely, Julian Assange, Ross Ulbrich, and Edward Snowden have had their names floated as potential receivers of pardons. However, even if Trump decides to pardon any...

News Roundup 12/15/20

News Roundup 12/15/20

US News Rep. Matt Gaetz says Trump is listening to people who are telling him to pardon Edward Snowden. [Link] The Senate passes the 2021 NDAA authorizing the Pentagon to spend $740 billion and limiting the president's ability to withdraw troops from Afghanistan....



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