Is ISIS Exploiting Trump’s Iran Policy?

Trump’s Acquittal and SOTU

On FPF #452, I discuss Trump's acquittal and the special guest at his State of the Union address. I explain how impeachment turned into dangerous anti-Russia propaganda. Adam Schiff and the Democrats used undying zombie of Russiagate to try to remove Trump from...

Is ISIS Exploiting Trump’s Iran Policy?

The US Is Losing in Afghanistan

On FPF #448, I discuss several news stories that are being ignored as the media obsessively covers impeachment. In Afghanistan, a US plane was downed and the UN announced it needs to provide basic aid to an additional three million Afghans this year. The US Embassy in...

House to Vote on Impeachment Today

I wonder if Donald Trump will do like Bill Clinton and start carpet-bombing Iraq today in a mission he'll name after the Nazi Erwin Rommel to distract us all and pose as a great World Leader. (Thanks a lot stupid Democrats for making me have to agree with Andrew...



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