Admiral McJackass

What a tool. Admiral McRaven's NY Times oped - in which we hear that an anonymous Army general has said: " 'I don’t like the Democrats, but Trump is destroying the Republic!' " McRaven explains which "republic" Trump is destroying: "Those words echoed with me...

Antiwar Radio

This morning on Antiwar Radio: Alice Speri on Israel's merciless oppression of the Palestinians 8:30 Pacific, 90.7 FM KPFK in Los Angeles; kpfk.org

News Roundup 5/21/18

Trump will nominate Robert Wilkie to head the VA. [Link] Dan Wright and Joanne Leon update the insanity of Russiagate. [Link] Jeremy Scahill hosts Ron Wyden and Norman Finkelstein on the Intercepted podcast. Wyden discusses the torturer Gina Haspel, and Finkelstein...

Mises and Rothbard on Catalan Secession

Mises and Rothbard on Catalan Secession

Many people in Catalonia wish to secede from Spain and form their own country, but the Spanish government has used force to block them from doing so. What should libertarians think of this conflict? In trying to answer this question, it is useful to seek guidance from...

The Antiwar Comic: Don’t Be a Pharaohist!

I like this comic a lot because it encompasses so much of what war is really about.  The impact of war decades and decades later, while simultaneously planting the seeds of another.  Why can't we just all get along? For more comics, visit the Webcomic Factory.  Also,...



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