A Day in the Life of an American Serf

A Day in the Life of an American Serf

As another traditional April 15 tax day arrives, it reminds us once again of the financial burden and forced obligation the government places on our finances. So, how heavy is the yoke of taxation? We could throw around dollar amounts in the trillions, and break them down in many ways. But perhaps an even clearer picture of just how ever-present taxation is in our lives is to run down a typical day in the life of an American tax serf. (For the sake of brevity, this article won’t explore the horrific atrocities your tax dollars are used for, which has been well documented elsewhere.) Your day...

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Biden’s Rescue Plan Includes Attack on State Sovereignty

Biden’s Rescue Plan Includes Attack on State Sovereignty

Tucked into the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) is a provision that could mark another major federal government intrusion into state sovereignty. The provision, using vague language, says that states cannot leverage the federal funds to “offset” tax cuts thru 2024, potentially barring states from cutting taxes for three years. In response, attorneys general from 21 states issued a letter to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen asking for clarification. As reported in this March 16 AP News article, “In a letter to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Monday, they called the prohibition...

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COVID Relief to States is One Big Bailout

COVID Relief to States is One Big Bailout

Earlier this year, 17 state treasurers signed on to a letter to Congress asking them to include $350 billion to cities and states as part of the latest COVID relief package, passed by the House of Representatives this weekend. In the letter, the signees declare that “tax revenues have plummeted” in their states, hastening the need for fiscal relief. But what do those states’ revenue figures actually look like? According to a February 22 analysis by the Kansas Policy Institute, “Collectively, those 17 states have a 1.8% increase in tax revenue for calendar 2020; nine states have higher...

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How To Make Housing Less Affordable

How To Make Housing Less Affordable

Few things in life are more certain than the costs of something exploding whenever government embarks on programs to make them “affordable.” It took just five years after the passage of the “Affordable Care Act” for insurance premiums on the private market to more than double. In the 1940s, the GI Bill kicked off decades of federal government’s increasing involvement in making college more affordable. The result? Since 1985, college costs have soared by 538%, nearly five times overall inflation during that time. And so it goes with housing. The highly regulated—and Federal Reserve fiat...

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Does Oregon’s Decriminalization Signal An End to the War on Drugs?

Does Oregon’s Decriminalization Signal An End to the War on Drugs?

Oregon became the first state to decriminalize possession of otherwise illegal drugs. According to this Feb. 1 Associated Press article, “Police in Oregon can no longer arrest someone for possession of small amounts of heroin, methamphetamine, LSD, oxycodone and other drugs as a ballot measure that decriminalized them took effect on Monday.” Instead of being arrested, those found in possession “would face a $100 fine or a health assessment that could lead to addiction counseling.” That such a measure was approved by Oregon voters is an encouraging sign that more people are waking up to the...

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How Not To Argue Against the Minimum Wage

How Not To Argue Against the Minimum Wage

Among the hotly contested list of Joe Biden’s promises is an increase of the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. There are plenty of sound reasons to oppose government minimum wage laws, but there is one objection making the rounds that is based on bad economics and should be avoided, and that’s the “businesses will pass on the costs to consumers, making cheap goods more expensive” objection. For instance, a now-deleted tweet by someone claiming that a $15 an hour minimum wage will cause Taco Bell burritos to explode in costs was shot down in short order by the tweet below. Scrolling...

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Is ‘Equality’ A Worthy Goal?

Is ‘Equality’ A Worthy Goal?

Probably the most frequently used non-COVID buzzword in 2020 was the term “social justice.” You couldn’t escape it. From the George Floyd protests turned riots, even to the world of sports, the notion of social justice and its key component—equality—was everywhere. I can just imagine the late great Murray Rothbard cringing upon turning on a basketball game only to see the word “equality” emblazoned on the backs of players’ jerseys. Indeed, one of Rothbard’s most iconic essays was his 1974 tract entitled “Egalitarianism as a revolt against nature.” Egalitarianism, as defined by...

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Why Elections Do Not Represent the ‘Will of the People’

Why Elections Do Not Represent the ‘Will of the People’

As lawsuits are being filed to challenge the results of this year’s “most important election of our lifetime,” the pundits and talking heads of the political class will repeatedly remind us that election results reflect “the will of the people.” They couldn’t be more wrong. There are several reasons why, beginning with the fact that there is no such thing as a singular will of “the people.” The United States consists of more than 330 million unique individuals with different preferences, priorities, and goals in life. There is no singular “will” of such a large and diverse group of people....

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Senate Republicans Block Sweeping Domestic Terror Bill

GOP lawmakers have voted to kill a major anti-domestic terrorism bill which would have created a series of new law enforcement units and a special task force to root out “Nazism” within US security agencies, blocking the legislation in the Senate after it narrowly passed in the lower chamber.

Israel Tells US It Killed Iranian IRGC Colonel in Tehran

Israel has told the US that it killed a senior member of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) who was gunned down in Tehran on Sunday, The New York Times reported Wednesday, citing an unnamed intelligence official.


I Am Grateful For My Suffering

I am grateful for my suffering. I truly am. These are not words I utter in some halfhearted, feeble effort to brighten my mood or motivate my day. Fortunately for me, I am not battling depression. It’s been a challenging few years; Entrepreneurship. Battling Cancer....

Former U.S. Navy Sailor Makes the Case for Libertarianism

https://youtu.be/uI0iYWMK8Z8 [J]ustice is the means by which an individual who was victim to a criminal act is made whole again. If a statist society cannot perfect man’s own construct, how could a stateless society fare any better? Derek R. Wills, The Liberty...

The Scott Horton Show

5/21/22 Hassan El-Tayyab: Now Is the Time to End the War in Yemen

 Download Episode. Hassan El-Tayyab of the Friends Committee on National Legislation joins Scott on Antiwar Radio to discuss the effort to end the war in Yemen. Both sides have agreed to a ceasefire which has brought the level of violence down and the access to food...

5/19/22 Patrick Cockburn on the Arrogance of War Hawks on All Sides

 Download Episode. Scott talks with Patrick Cockburn about Russia’s war in Ukraine and the Western response. Cockburn argues that, regardless of any media spin, the Russians are running into more trouble than they expected to in Ukraine. He chalks that up to hubris...

5/16/22 Ted Snider: Did the CIA Oust Imran Khan?

 Download Episode. Scott is joined by Ted Snider to discuss the removal of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. Khan’s government announced in June of 2021 that Pakistan would no longer host any American military bases. Then, earlier this year, Khan was forced out by...

Conflicts of Interest

COI #281: America Is on the Highway to Great Power Wars

On COI #281, Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman cover the Democrats’ lockstep anti-Russia hawkishness, the Blob’s refusal to hit the brakes, and the next target: China. Connor breaks down hist latest column for the Libertarian Institute, the article discusses the...

COI #280: Con Men Claim Ukraine Is Vital to American Security

On COI #280, Kyle Anzalone discusses recent news about possible war with Russia. Odysee Rumble  Donate LBRY Credits bTTEiLoteVdMbLS7YqDVSZyjEY1eMgW7CP Donate Bitcoin 36PP4kT28jjUZcL44dXDonFwrVVDHntsrk Donate Bitcoin Cash Qp6gznu4xm97cj7j9vqepqxcfuctq2exvvqu7aamz6...

COI #279: The Evil Republicans guest Patrick MacFarlane

On COI #279, Patrick McFarlane returns to the show to discuss the most hawkish GOP members of Congress. Odysee Rumble  Donate LBRY Credits bTTEiLoteVdMbLS7YqDVSZyjEY1eMgW7CP Donate Bitcoin 36PP4kT28jjUZcL44dXDonFwrVVDHntsrk Donate Bitcoin Cash...

COI #278: George W. Bush Finally Says Something True About Iraq

On COI #278, Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman cover former President George W. Bush’s viral confession- by-gaffe to war crimes in Iraq, President Joe Biden’s resistance to Kiev’s demands for long range rocket launchers, U.S./Israeli war drills aimed at Tehran, and the...

Don't Tread on Anyone

Liberty Weekly Podcast

An Economic Reckoning ft. Clint Russell Ep. 217

https://youtu.be/B4rBZcugFw0 Clint Russell joins me in this week’s episode of Liberty Weekly. Clint is the host of Liberty Lockdown, a podcast that took the liberty scene by storm during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Before Clint launched Liberty Lockdown, he was a private...

On the Brink of Nuclear War ft. Connor Freeman Ep. 216

https://youtu.be/CJ62Lw1PJsg In this episode of the podcast, I speak with Connor Freeman about the dismal state of U.S./Russian relations. We discuss the spiraling escalation in Ukraine and U.S. policy decisions which signal that the unthinkable may be inevitable....

Addiction and COVID-19 ft. The Clean Libertarian Ep. 215

https://youtu.be/38r3URgicX4 Much has been said about the excess rate of substance abuse during COVID-19. To try to understand some of these causes, I brought on my friend Drew Cook of the Clean Libertarian. Drew is a recovering addict who is now working to help other...

Press Censorship in Wartime Ep. 214

https://youtu.be/s5Jhj1smhFI With the risk of kinetic war between the US and Russia becoming more and more likely each day, the United States is already marshalling its forces to silence domestic and international dissent to the conflict. In this episode, I examine...

Year Zero

A Conversation with Patrick MacFarlane

Patrick joined me again. In this episode we discuss Ukraine Russia, China, culture, democrats, republicans, and traditional family. Liberty Weekly Discord Libertarian Institute 19 Skills Pdf Autonomy Course Critical Thinking Course Donate Patreon...

The Network w/John Robb

John Robb joined me to talk about the network, its operations, where it fails, and why he thinks conspiracy theorists are wrong. Global Guerillas Substack Discord Libertarian Institute 19 Skills Pdf Autonomy Course Critical Thinking Course Donate Patreon...

America’s Response to the War in Ukraine w/Dave DeCamp

Dave DeCamp joined me to discuss the American reaction to the war in Ukraine. We discuss how the sanctions and information war seem to be targeting Americans rather than the Russian politicians. Is the Biden Administration utilizing propaganda to manufacture consent...

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