Man Naps in a Car Parked In His Grandmother’s Driveway, So Cops Shoot Him

by | Feb 9, 2023

Man Naps in a Car Parked In His Grandmother’s Driveway, So Cops Shoot Him

by | Feb 9, 2023


On New Year’s Eve, Anthony Maclin, 24, was asleep in his car in his grandmother’s driveway. He had committed no crime, was not suspected of a crime, and harmed no one. However, none of this was a defense against three police officers surrounding his car, firing for seven straight seconds, and filling Mclin with holes.

On the night they filled Maclin with holes, police were responding to a call about an unidentified man sleeping in a car in a woman’s driveway. Maclin was in a rental car with Florida plates, and his own grandma called police because she didn’t recognize the car — a mistake she now direly regrets.

According to police, they attempted to wake Maclin, who was asleep with his legally owned and registered handgun in his lap. Instead of simply taking cover and waking him from a distance with a police loudspeaker, officers surrounded the car with guns drawn as if Maclin was a wanted murder suspect.

It is not a crime to sleep in your car with a gun on your lap in Indiana. In fact, Indiana has laws on the books that allow you to defend yourself on your own property—including from police officers.

Nevertheless, these cowboy cops surrounded the car, guns drawn until Maclin began moving around; at which point they attempted to execute him.

Never once in the body camera footage below do you hear officers say, “drop the gun,” or “he has a gun,” or even the word “gun.” This is likely due to the fact that Maclin never touched the gun in his lap and the trigger-happy cops opened fire on him out of sheer fear.

Once she realized that it was her grandson in the vehicle, Vickie Driver became hysterical. “That’s my grandson,” she said, immediately regretting the call to police. “I’m so sorry.”

“I didn’t want to wake you guys up,” Maclin said as he lay on the ground bleeding out after being shot. Miraculously, Maclin lived. He was hospitalized for weeks and has undergone six surgeries.

He has not been charged with a crime.

Maclin has since hired an attorney and will most assuredly win his case.

On Tuesday night, an attorney representing Maclin and his family released the following statement:

“The video footage released today confirms the officers had no plan whatsoever before surrounding the car with their guns drawn. Why not use other, safer methods to wake him from a distance? As a result of this lack of planning and communication, when they woke Anthony and he moved—something anyone would do when startled awake—all three officers panicked and started shouting at the same time from various positions around the car. One or more officers screamed, “Police” while another officer yelled, “Hands! Hands!” Rather than simply backing away and taking cover, the officers then opened fire for seven full seconds, firing dozens of rounds into the car.

What is more significant is what is not in the video. You never hear an officer yell, “Drop the gun!” When Anthony turns toward the officers and appears to raise his right arm slightly—when one officer was commanding him to raise his hands—you do not see a gun in his right hand. You certainly do not see him pointing a gun at the officers. When the gun was found after the shooting, it was in the driver’s seat where it would be expected to be found if the gun remained in Anthony’s lap during the shooting—not in the passenger seat where the IMPD video implies he was reaching toward with the gun. In the moments after the shooting, not one officer mentions that Anthony pointed a gun at them, even when Anthony moans, “Why did you guys shoot?” Likewise, after the shooting none of the officers used their police radio to report that Anthony threatened them with a gun before they opened fire. Instead, the officers’ actions right after the shooting are much more consistent with them feeling guilty because they realized they just needlessly and recklessly shot a man who was doing nothing wrong.”

Adding insult to attempted execution is the fact that the IMPD released their version of the body camera footage that has been heavily edited. They claim there is no clear video of Maclin when the officers began shooting, despite three of them surrounding the vehicle.

Given the sheer reckless nature of the officers’ shots in the video below, it’s absolutely mind-boggling that they didn’t kill each other. It is indeed fortunate for Maclin, however, that they were such terrible shots.

This article was originally featured at The Free Thought Project and is republished with permission.

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