The Constitution Is Not Your Friend

One of the biggest misconceptions I hear about the Constitution is that it was written to “protect our liberty.” It wasn’t. At least not in a direct sense. The confusion likely arises from the words of the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be...

America’s Hobbesian Tyranny

America’s Hobbesian Tyranny

Almost 400 years ago, English philosopher Thomas Hobbes wrote a book scoffing at tyrannophobia—the “fear of being strongly governed.” This was a peculiar term that Hobbes invented in Leviathan, since civilized nations had feared tyrants for almost 2000 years at that...


The Free Thought Project for June 29: Judge’s Son Admits to 35 Counts of Trafficking Child Porn Involving Infants, Gets NO JAIL Court Rules Horrific Abuse Video Inadmissible, Overturns Cop’s Child Sex Assault Conviction WATCH: Dangerously Frightened Cop Holds Innocent...

Terrible Person Enrolls Child in Government School

But then she's surprised that they would abuse her tiny, helpless 6-year-old daughter. What did you think, lady, that they loved you and were here to serve you? Why don't you try to overcome your own government education for a minute and think about this for a minute,...

Time To Break The Silence On Palestine

"To hold fast to the image of God in every person is to insist that the Palestinian child is as precious as the Jewish child.”    From an excellent op-ed at The New York Times by Michelle Alexander. Rabbi Brian Walt, who has spoken publicly about the reasons that he...

Good Old World Government

They love you so much. You can tell by the light blue flag of peace and friendship. Plus all the wonderful rape-babies. U.N. Peacekeepers in Haiti Said to Have Fathered Hundreds of Children “Girls as young as 11 were sexually abused and impregnated” by peacekeepers,...

Minneapolis Plans to Abolish the Police guest Will Porter

Movie Review: The Report

On FPF #426, I review the recently released on Amazon movie, The Report. The movie tells the story of the CIA torture program after 9/11 and Daniel Jones' effort put together a report on the program. The movie is well done and generally gets the narrative correct. I...

The Police Are The Most Dangerous Criminals in Society

All you gotta do is read the Free Thought Project: Autistic Boy Heartbroken After Cops Raid Wrong Home, Kill His Boxer Service Dog High-Ranking Officer Arrested on Over 600 Counts of Child Sexual Abuse Taxpayers to Be Held Liable After Cop Shows Up to Mass Shooting,...



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