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News Roundup 11/1/21

News Roundup 11/1/21

US News Arizona may use its National Guard to fill staffing shortages at prisons. [Link] New York state will divest from Ben and Jerry’s parent company, Unilever, over the ice cream company’s decision not to sell ice cream in the West Bank settlements. [Link] A jury...

News Roundup 11/1/21

News Roundup 10/26/21

US News The Senate NDAA will include funding for people who claim to be suffering from “Havana Syndrome.” [Link] Afghanistan Reports say 16 people died in Taliban operations against alleged ISIS-K kidnappers. Ten of the dead are civilians. [Link] Israel Israel labeled...

Double Standard Drones

Double Standard Drones

On August 29, 2021, the U.S. forces in Afghanistan conducted an airstrike against an ISIS-K leader in Kabul. Tensions had been running high throughout the city, as just several days ago a deadly terrorist attack was carried out that killed over 70 people, including...

News Roundup 11/1/21

News Roundup 9/30/21

US News The NBA says players who are unable to play because of vaccination mandates will not be paid. [Link] The House NDAA includes a provision that extends the draft to women. [Link] Two Democratic Senators tell Biden to end drone strikes outside of war zones....



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