The Squad is Wrong About “Inequality”

The Squad is Wrong About “Inequality”

     The rapid economic advance that we have come to expect seems in a large measure to be the result of this inequality and to be impossible without it. Progress at such a fast rate cannot proceed on a uniform front but must take place in echelon fashion... At any...

Economic Warfare – The Collapse Of Yemen’s Economy

Inflation as a weapon of war. According to local economists who spoke to MintPress, the reasons behind the collapse of Yemen’s economy and its currency are many and varied but the expansionary monetary policy that has been taken by Saudi Arabia is one of the key...

Of Gods and Central Planners

Don’t get your economics from Game of Thrones - or any other fictional Show Oh, the delicious power of writing fiction! Your paper world is entirely under your control. Not only do you determine the course of the plot, you determine all the laws. I don’t mean just the...

Everyone Should be Listening to Nobody Speak

When Terry Bollea, aka Hulk Hogan, sued Gawker Media for invasion of privacy, infringement of personality rights, and intentional infliction of emotional distress, the suit’s chief effect was to amplify the “news” that Bollea had been caught on video having sex with...

Libertarianism as Extreme Middle-of-the-Roadism

While the Libertarian Party’s presidential candidate Gary Johnson unsuccessfully tried to sell voters a lukewarm version of libertarianism as the good policies from both Democrats and Republicans but none of the bad (“neither too hot nor too cold”), there’s an...



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