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News Roundup 11/23/21

News Roundup 11/23/21

US News Andrew Coffee IV was acquitted of felony murder after he fired at police officers who raided his home in the middle of the night. After Coffee fired at officers, police fired back killing Alteria Woods - the woman Coffee is on trial for killing. Coffee was...

News Roundup 7/26/21

News Roundup 7/26/21

US News The New York Post reports the NY state government is considering divesting from Ben and Jerry’s parent company in the state government workers' pension fund. [Link] The Biden Administration decided against investigating possible civil rights abuses in NY...

Testing Positive for COVID-Bootlicking

Testing Positive for COVID-Bootlicking

The COVID pandemic has shown how easy it is to make people hate anyone who is not as frightened as themselves. Since last March, politicians and health officials have fanned fears to commandeer far more control over Americans’ daily lives. And millions of Americans...

Bicoastal Hoity-Toities and the Imperial City

As measured by household income, nine of the twenty wealthiest counties in the USA surround metro Washington, D.C., or if you will, the Imperial City. Three of the twenty wealthiest counties are in New Jersey.  My wife and I used to live in one of them, and, to top it...

The Antiwar Comic: Every School Kid Knows

Today's Antiwar Comic is more of a civics lesson than anything else.  It occurred to me that we teach all this high and mighty wonderful stuff about America and it's kinda b.s. For more comics visit the Webcomic Factory.

Government Productivity Stinks

Productivity is the key to prosperity.  And technological innovations are the key to productivity—and to the dislocations of workers Not surprisingly, government productivity stinks relative to private-sector productivity. Before getting into the numbers, let’s go on...



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