Gun laws

Support Black Guns Matter

I sense a change in the gun debate.  People are realizing they have a right to protect themselves.  Maj Toure and Black Guns Matter are actively promoting and teaching people how to use guns and protect their right to self defense and he is doing it in communities...

News Roundup 7/3/17

Over 40% of White House staffers earn over $100,000 per year. [Link] Several states are changing gun laws to allow more or fewer freedoms. [Link] A US Court of Appeals threw out the case of two Yemeni families who were suing the US after their two innocent family...

Outbound Border Seizures

When states cooperate, we all lose.  The one saving feature of the Southwest Border is that Mexico has let people—and their stuff—cross freely into Mexico. Just walk across or drive across—­up until now.  The overarching empire now thinks that Mexico needs to up its...



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