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News Roundup 6/24/2022

News Roundup 6/24/2022

US News The State Department will pay employees who alleged they suffer from ‘Havana Syndrne’ six-figure payouts. State is making the payments in accordance with the HAVANA Act. [Link] Haiti At least eight prisoners died from starvation in a prison in Haiti. [Link]...

Cannabis Reform’s Momentous Election Night

Even in conservative Mississippi As most had expected, cannabis reform was a big winner on Election Night 2020. While the nation’s leadership remains in flux, the cannabis results have been anything but. In five states — South Dakota, Mississippi, Arizona, Montana,...

News Roundup 7/1/20

News Roundup 7/1/20

US News The Supreme Court ruled against a strict Louisiana abortion law. Chief Justice John Roberts joined the liberal members in a 5-4 decision. [Link] The Colorado police officers that killed Elijah McClain were placed on paid leave after photos surfaced showing...

Impeachment…or CIA Coup?

Impeachment…or CIA Coup?

You don’t need to be a supporter of President Trump to be concerned about the efforts to remove him from office. Last week House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced impeachment proceedings against the President over a phone call made to the President of Ukraine. According...

Trump’s Venezuela Fiasco

Trump’s Venezuela Fiasco

Last week President Trump announced that the United States would no longer recognize Nicholas Maduro as president of Venezuela and would recognize the head of its national assembly, Jose Guaido, as president instead. US thus openly backs regime change. But what has...

Tulsi Gabbard is Running for President

I'm pretty certain this is a good thing. She knows enough to really fight about it. She's an Iraq War II vet so hawks can't call her a wimp. She's pretty enough to be respectable (Sorry ladies, I'm not trying to be a jerk, but that's how it is. Warm and grandmotherly...

The Feds Misplace $21 Trillion and a School Shooter

Americans are rightly chagrined that the FBI had known that Florida mass killer Nikolas Cruz was a threat but didn’t follow up on the information. But Americans shouldn’t be surprised. In addition to misplacing a potential shooter, the feds have misplaced $21...

News Roundup 10/2/17

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price has resigned his position. [Link] The Trump administration has set a cap of 45,000 refugees to be admitted to the US in 2018. [Link] A New Orleans prison will no longer allow their inmates to have in-person visits....



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